Philosophy of Notre Dame

Regional School


Notre Dame Regional School (NDRS) is a Catholic elementary school in the diocese of Providence, Rhode Island.  The foundation of Notre Dame's philosophy is in the teachings and example of Jesus Christ, as depicted in the parable of the Good Shepherd.  Inspired by His love and concern for each person as unique and special, we strive to provide an environment which exemplifies the Christian way of life based on the Gospels; an environment which affords a quality education that will support the child's spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, and aesthetic development; one in which each student may acquire a sense of responsibility to God, to creation, to community and family, to self and to others.

Thus, the purpose of NDRS is the development of an educational climate which fosters Christian values and the democratic principles of freedom, equality and respect; an environment which allows each student to search for truth and independence while encouraging the maturation of his or her total personality through the integration of faith in all of his or her endeavors.  "This integrating of religious truths and values with life, distinguishes Catholic Schools from other schools..."  (To Teach as Jesus Did).

The curriculum of the school is geared toward the development of the whole personality, with concern on the part of administration, faculty and parents that each child's needs and different learning styles be recognized.  The highest aims of Catholic education and the goals of Notre Dame's philosophy will be realized when parents, the primary educators, and faculty work cooperatively to help students develop the self-esteem and skills necessary to enhance personal growth, so that they may become upright and productive members of society, strong supporters of family life, and responsible members of the civic and Christian community.