Prayers of Peace

4th Grade


Dear God,

Thank you for all the peace in my life. Thank you for peace at school and home. But I wish there were more peace on earth. Thank you for peace with my friends. I wish you would stop all the fighting on earth. I wish every one had peace in their lives.

Amen. (Michael C.)

Dear God,

I want to thank you for making peace in my life. Everyone I know is thankful for peace. Thank you for giving me a peaceful teacher instead of one who yells a lot. Thank you for everything in my life like my friends and family. If there were no peace everyone would be fighting. I am so thankful for peace. Amen



Dear God,

Thank you for giving the world peace. When people are not feeling peace when someone hurts someone else’s feelings you are there for that person and you are praying and helping the other person. We are all thankful for you. Jillian


Oh Holy Lord,

I would like to pray that all people with bad diseases would be well again or live with you forever. I would also like to explain to you some of the things that are peaceful and people that are peacemakers in my life. When my friend and I take a walk around my block during the fall and run through colorful leaves the nature is peaceful. When I go to church, my class does the mass and Sister Pat congratulates us when the mass is over Sister Pat is peaceful. When I go to bed and wake up in the morning to a whole new day I know that God has made peace in my life.

Amen. Stephanie


Making Peace on Earth.

Dear God,

God make there be peace. Make there not be wars and make there not be killing. Help people talk it out and not fight it out. Make there be peace in the world and no fighting. Amen. Michael P.

Dear God

Every season is beautiful. Its peaceful as can be. Please make me have a peaceful and happy life every day of my life.

Amen. Maegan



Dear God

Please give peace to the world. Give us courage. Please guide us through out day and night. Help me to be a better person and bring me to Heaven. Bring us peace and forgive us if we sin. Help us to avoid sin Amen Ty


Dear God,

The sun is warm. The grass is green. Let my life be a peaceful life. Let there be peace on earth to all people who are with us today. God, protect us from the evil in the world. Amen. Catalina


Dear God,

I am very thankful for the peace you gave me. I always like it when I see other people having peace. Sometimes I see kids playing and laughing. At other times I see people fighting and they are very mad. So I say prayer in my head like let there be peace or I hope this person finds his or her peace. I am very glad there is peace in the world.


By: Amanda