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 Fall, 2001

  C&I 407 TL: Teacher as Learner
  C&I 407 UE: Urban Education
  EdPsy 484 Methods of Qualitative Research

 Fall, 2000

  C&I 409 AR: Action Research
  C&I 409 CR: Issues and Trends in Curriculum Research
  EdPsy 399 Introduction to Evaluation Theory

 Spring, 2000

  C&I 490 IRL: Interpretive Research on Learning and Teaching
  EdPsy 490 I:  Analysis of Advanced Instruction Technologies

 Fall, 1999

  C&I 335: Computer-Assisted Instruction
  C&I 440: Constructivism and Science Education
  C&I 450: Inquiry Methods in Education

 Summer, 1999

  C&I 399: Middle School Instruction
  EPS 304: Social Foundations of Education

 Spring, 1999

 Spring and Fall 1998