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  Biology Workbench for Students

         This is a part of the project, Biology Student Workbench, Spring-Fall, 2000.
         a simplified interface of the Biology Workbench for interactive teaching and learning.
         features a small number of commonly used tools and databases along with helping tips and explanations of the tools.

  Learning Electricity 

          This is the final project of C&I 335 Computer Assisted Instruction, Fall, 1999.
          Simulation of simple electric circuits and discussion topics

  Virtual Chemistry Lab (Titration)

 This is the major project of EdPsy 387 Computer Use in Education, Spring, 1999.
  Simulation of acid-base titration with pH curves (for high school students)
  Programed with Visual Basic 6 and Java
  Mini projects for EdPsy 387 Computer Use in Education, Spring, 1999.
My opinion about the Taxonomy by Bruce & Levin
  Challenge to Taxonomy of Education Uses of Technology (Bruce & Levin)

  My vision of education in the year 2020
  How is education going to be look like in the future?

   Evaluation of Educational Science CD-ROMs
  This is a part of the course projects of C&I 407 Inquiry Teaching & Learning, Spring, 1998. 
  Evaluation of educational CD-ROMs about weather science
  List of educational CD-ROMs for middle school science class
  Quote from educational technology journals about the CD-ROMs
  Link to CD-ROM vendors and other educational software evaluation pages