American Literature • M. Sierra-Perry

Crucible Webquest 

  • Source: Laurie Petronis
  • The Challenge:

    You will embark upon an Internet Search Mission.

    Be forewarned, only the well prepared and Puritanical will survive!

    Will you survive? Or, will you meet your fate on Gallows Hill?

    To Prepare:

    1. Choose two partners to help you as you navigate the web.

      Remember, your life is at risk- select partners who have paid close

      attention in class to The Crucible and who are well-versed in Puritan

      thought. You will need their help if you wish to make it home to your

      Salem cottage alive!


    2. Before you enter the library/CommunicationCenter, you will need to compile the following:

      Your notes on The Crucible

      Your copies of the play

      A 20 point outline of the play (break this into acts for clarity). You

      could create this from the synopsis that I gave you.


    3. The Quest:

      You will visit four web sites.

      You will discuss and answer questions regarding 3 of these sites.

      You will then test your knowledge of the Salem Witch Trials by "being" a

      Puritan and living, or dying, in, the year 1692.


    4. Activity Expectations:

    You will complete the quest in two class periods, in the Communication


    You will have one class period to debrief the outcome of your quest,

    plan your essays and delegate tasks.

    You will then have two nights to create the written answers, in essay

    form, to the four Internet visits you made.

    You will have two days to type your essay in the Communication Center.

    You will turn in three thorough and well-written typed essays to be

    evaluated by your Puritan judge, the Honorable Reverend Sierra-Perry.


    You will receive grades for the following:

    * Preparation: Outline of play (one per group) Make sure that each

    member has a copy to use as a study guide.

    * Library Work/Communication Center- on task behavior

    * 4 Typed Essays: (four essays per group)

    1) The Plots Thickens?

    2) Fact verses Reality

    3) The Lesson Continues

    4) The Witch Hysteria Interactive Journey(Postcard sent to MS-P with required


    Web Quest:

  • Task: Visit the following Web Sites and follow the directions for

    each, as given below.


    I) The Plot Thickens? Salem Witch Trials: A Chronology

    1. Go to this web site and view the chronology

    2. Print a copy of this chronology of the Salem Witch Trials

    3. Compare/Contrast this chronology with the outline you created for

    The Crucible.

    4. Note three major differences between the chronology and your


    5. Why do you believe Arthur Miller "distorted" reality when creating

    the plot outline for his play?

    II) Fact verses Reality:Arthur Miller's The Crucible: Fact or Fiction

    By Margo Burns

    1. Go to this web site.

    2. Print a copy of Margo Burns' essay.

    3. Select three historical inaccuracies that intrigue you.

    4. Why do you think Arthur Miller "distorted" reality when creating

    the characters and events for his play, The Crucible?

    a) What problems may have arisen if the playwright had maintained

    historical accuracy?

    b) Why would the audience have difficulty believing his plot had he

    used correct historical information?

    c) How is the play strengthened through the "distortion" of reality?



    III) The Lesson Continues:The Crucible Project: Witch Hunts

    1. Select one of the listed examples of "witch trials without witches"

    that intrigues you. (i.e.: Holocaust, Japanese Internment Camps)

    2. Read the materials on the witch trial you have selected.

    3. Print a copy of the essay you read.

    4. After reading about a more contemporary witch trial, what do you

    believe is a universal message that is offered by Miller's play,The


    a) "We learn from the mistakes we make." - What has the world

    learned from the mistake made in Salem in the year 1692?

    b) "Let history never repeat itself." What has the world failed to

    learn from both the Salem Witch Trials and your selected trial?

    IV) This assignment is to be completed by EACH


    The Witch Hysteria: An Interactive Adventure

    1. Now it's up to you: Will you survive?

    2. Visit this site.

    3. Follow the directions on the screen as you "continue" through

    your virtual journey in Salem, 1692.

    4. Tips when navigating:

    a) Click on all "white underlined names." These are features that

    explain historical figures and their roles in the witch trials.

    b) Click on all "red underlined phrases." These will allow you to

    proceed through your virtual journey.

    c) Look carefully at the scroll bars and follow arrows so that you do not miss any helpful information. Remember, you need to read all the information given, as you attempt to save your life!

    5. Will you confess?

    a) When you reach this screen, consider what you know about the

    Puritans before making a hasty decision.

    b) Proceed with caution.

    6. When you reach the epilogue, Click "Continue."

    7. Select your first underlined red choice, "Find out what happens if you...." Play it again, Sam, with your other option. If you confessed, now don't. If you refused to confess, try it this time.

    8. When you reach the epilogue a second time, select " Send a

    postcard to a friend." (your 4th underlined red choice)

    9. Send me a postcard! Prove you completed the journey and offer me

    your comments.

    10. Postcard comments:

    a) What did you learn? With which character in The Crucible did you identify? How so?

    b) Your frustrations?

    c) Any surprises?

    d) Which choice would you make if your "real" life was at risk? Why?

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