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Last update: May 8, 1996
This page is being created by Rodney Mueller, graduate student in string education at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.

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This resource will bring together resources in multiple formats for practicing string educators and those preparing to enter the field of string education. It is hoped that it will lead to increased interaction, especially for those teaching away from urban areas.






Basic Principles

Fundamentals of String Playing is a document that has been in progress for a number of months. The goal of this paper is to present the fundamentals in such a way that a student can understand it. At this point, section one deals with development of technique and section two deals with the teacher-student relationships that are essential to learning.

The String Pedagogy Notebook is a resource that has been put together by Michael Hopkins at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. He has compiled Pofessor Robert Culver's string pedagogy class notes along with pictures to illustrate the principles.

A personal library of pedagogy resources is important for any string teacher. The following bibliography is in no way complete, but it does give a good beginning for any teacher or would be teacher. It represents multiple and deverse opinions on the subject. Heterogeneous Teaching


Do you have an interest in string music from other cultures? The Middle Eastern Violin page will provide information about the Arabic style of violin playing as well as links to other non-western string instruments and musical styles.



The Internet Cello Society is in the process of being put together by John Michel at Central Washington University in Ellensburg. You will find great information here for cellists of all levels from beginners to teachers, and amateurs to professionals. Be sure to become a member of the ICS and receive your monthly newsletter by e-mail. Bass


Here is an extensive list of articles on vibrato from journals and professional publications dating from the late 1950's.

Search carefully in this list of music medicine articles and you will find some that pertain to the subject of vibrato.



The Suzuki method is more than a method of teaching the violin. It is also a philosophy of education and when followed is a life style. Here is a compilation of articles from the MERB database.



Purchasing Guidelines
Repair & Maintainence

The Violin, Bow and other Bowed Stringed Instrument makers pages will lead you to information about those who make and repair instruments and bows.


The J.W. Pepper company has gone online. You can search for music here for you string program.

Orchestral Music
Chamber Music
Solo Literature
Methods & Pedagogical Materials

There is no lack of teaching materials for the string teacher. Beginning with Samuel Applebaum in 1960 there has been at least two new methods in each of the decades from then until now. Each new method reflected in some way the the prevailing educational philosophy and psychology of the day. Included here are the primary string methods, developed for class teaching, many of which are still in use today.


There are an increasing number of web pages that should be of interest to string teachers and their students. Most of them have graphics and pictures. Some of them even have sound clips giving you the opportunity to listen to their performances.

Here is a list of Symphony Orchestra home pages from not only the United States but from Europe, and New Zeland as well.

There are two home pages for the Kronos String Quartet. The "unofficial" Kronos Quartet page is put together by some devoted fans while the "Official" Kronos Quartet home page is put together by their recording company.

The Florestan Trio is a piano trio from Portland, Oregon with a recently released album. Follow so of their leads to other exciting music pages.

Yo-Yo Ma's home page has sound clips from two of his most recent recordings. Enjoy the sound

Mstislav Rostropovich's home page will give you his basic biographical information.


Here are several sources for computer technology as it relates to music education and string education.

Music Instruction Software is a page that links you to ftp sites where you can download music software.

Technology In Music Education (TIME) is a database of reviews of software for all areas of music education. If you are aware of software for string teaching that is not included in the database there is a section for you to submit a review.

Here is a gopher menu of string educaiton software.



There are times when some string humor will do a world of good. Here you'll find not only the infamous viola jokes but also violin, cello, and bass jokes.

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