Lifar, Serge. b. Kiev, 1905. Russian dancer, choreographer, and writer. Joined Diaghilev's co. 1923; studied with Cecchetti and Legat. Created many leading roles. Choreographic debut with the acrobatic version of Le Renard (1929). After Diaghilev's death, he was invited by Jacques Bouché to stage at the Opéra de Paris Les Créatures de Prométhée in which he created the prinicipal role 1929. He worked at the Opéra until 1944. He was for political reasons to leave the Opéra. He joined Nouveau Ballet de Monte Carlo, re-engaged by the Opéra 1947, as a choreographer. Later became the diretor of the Parisian Opera. He founded the Institut Choréographique 1947, which became teh Université de la Danse 1957. He lectured, published historical works.

Lopukhova (better known as Lopokova), Lydia (Lady Keynes), b. St Petersburg, 1892. Russian dancer. Graduated from St Petersburg Theatre School 1909 onto coprs de ballet. Joined Diaghilev's Ballets Russes 1910, excluded from personnel of Maryinsky Ballet from end of same year. Danced many leading roles but her mercurial temperament was not suited to steady service, and until she married the British economist John Maynard Keynes (later Lord Keynes), she flitted in and out of the Diaghilev co. but remained a universal favourite. After settling in London, and thanks to her husband's balletomania and the interest of his artist friends, was instrumental in helping to launch British ballet. After her husband's death she gradually withdrew from the ballet world.


Massine [Myasin], Leonid Fedorovich, b. Moscow, 1895. Russian dancer and choreographer. Trained in Imperial School, Moscow; graduated into the Moscow Ballet in 1912. In 1913 Diaghilev invited him to join his Ballets Russes to dance the leading role in Légende de Joseph. At the outbreak of World War I he remained in Europe with Diaghilev; created his fist choreographies including Soleil de Nuit (1915). For six years thereafter he was Diaghilev's principal choreographer. In 1921 he left Diaghilev but returned later to compose several more ballets. In 1932 he began his association with the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, creating a great variety of works ranging from comedies to teh Symphonic Ballets. He has created and restaged many ballets for many cos throughout the world. In his Ballet Russe years he was one of the most important dancers and invluential choreographers of his time.

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