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Development Resources

The following links offer help in the specifics of using your computer and the Internet. Check them out and see how simple it is to integrate technology into your existing curriculum.

Building a School Web Site  is a step-by-step guide to creating a site that any novice webmaster can use.  Following the presented format is similar to cooking from a recipe. Students and teachers can collaborate on this interactive journey. The process is broken down into "Five Easy Pieces"-- files, words, pictures, colors and links. HTML is explained in simple terms so that it can really make sense! This site is a must for beginners at web development.

Quia! Create Your Own Learning Activities This site allows you to create your own games, quizzes and home pages. There are a great many learning activities that you can access and modify for your particular needs. For example, if you need an activity for students to practice two digit addition with regrouping, you can specify those parameters and the site will create the actual game. Activities are completed online and difficulty levels are easily changed. You can also create your own games and quizzes by completing a template. You must logon but membership is free.

The WebQuest Page  will teach you how to create your your own webquest. The philosophy and techniques presented clearly outline the important how tos and the numerous examples clarify the objectives and procedures included in successful quests.

Tools for the Teks  has links to tutorials like Teaching With Templates and Presentations in Quicktime. A section ot the site, The Technology Idea Exchange , offers a place for teachers to collaborate in the creation of online learning experiences and answer each other's questions.
Classroom Connect
 promises to help teachers get the most out of the Internet. Articles include how tos for creating a online reference collection to finding a partner for an online summer project.

The CyperBee has an easy to navigate home page that links you to a variety of valuable resources. There are how-tos (a really easy classroom web page tutorial complete with template-- just type in your information), ready made treasure hunts (i.e. an elementary level web quest about Election 2000) and a great deal of information about managing the integration of technology into your classroom.

Star Child: A Learning Center for Young Astromers
This is one of the NASA created sites that offers a wonderland of information on a variety of levels. Information is in interesting ways and activities that a comprehensive resource about space and the solar system.

Download.Com  provides a service that searches and identifies links to downloadable and, usually, free software. You can download anything from browser updates to web development software. There is a search window where you enter the type of software you are looking for and a list of links to those types of downloaded applications is provided. Some programs are considered "shareware" others are limited use "try me"  programs. All links suggested are authorized by the product manufacturers and do not infringe on copyright domain.

Word Dance Word Dance is an online literary magazine for kids. Teachers can submit writing and artwork done by their students. Submissions are then published on a monthly basis.

Scholastic has lesson plans and reproducibles on file, theme units that include online activities for students, professional resources with kidsafe links, and an interactive current events/news page just for kids.

The WebQuest Matrix has several online quests ready for your students to use.

For some content specific links to student activities, check out Sue Cooper's reference page.

Also check out Zan Brixey's "Hot Sites For Teachers ."

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