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Development Resources


Online Technical Support

Local Resouces

The following resources are availabe for use in all classrooms at the Charter school.

Microsoft Office Suite: Excel, Word 97, PowerPoint, Publisher
Scholastic "Reading Counts"
Electronic Library
Waterford Reading Program
Microsoft Explorer
Microsoft Outlook Express
Selected Programs

Shared Equipment:

Sony Digital Still Camera
JVC Digital Video Camera
L-TV Portable Hook-Up
3 Color InkJet Printers (located in main office)

Per Classroom Equipment
4 Personal Computers (a minimum of one is Internet connected)
Black and White Laser Printer
Phillips/Magnavox 20 inch color television
Phillips/Magnavox Video Cassette Recorder/Player

Web Resources
Web space for student work and the school web site (still under construction) is to be leased from a local company. Students and staff will be able to post projects on the Internet in the near future. The procedures for doing so are still being considered. One option would be to appoint a teacher Webmaster. He or she would then assist individuals with uploading their work.

Support for specific local resources is quite limited at the Charter school. Although each classroom is outfitted with adequate hardware, there is very little encouragement for teachers to integrate technology in any substantial way. Each student spends "time" on the computer almost everyday but that experience is often limited to 15-30 minutes using the interactive Waterford Reading Program. Very little emphasis is placed on multimedia experiences for students. Local support is basically limited to technical trouble shooting.There are no established tutorial or instructional materials available. A handful of mini in-services have been offered to help familiarize the faculty with available peripheral equipment (i.e. the digital still and video cameras).

Next year, I intend to start a  computer club for students. This will be an extra curricular opportunity for groups of students to learn how the computer can be used as a research, productivity, and presentation tool. I anticipate that many staff members will take advantage of these learning opportunities as well.

The Sangamon County Schools Central Office offers quarterly staff development in-service classes that facilitate the integration of  multimedia/web based student instruction. Topics range from how to use HyperStudio Stacks to tapping into the web to support content specific instruction. These classes usually have a nominal fee and run for several weeks at a time. Contact the 
Sangamon County Regional Office of Education for a current class schedule.

District 186  also provides training and support for those interested. Classes range from the three week intenstive "Project LINCOL'N " training to afternoon workshops focusing on very specific technology issues. Charter school faculty are eligible to participate and should contact Sue Ruff at for details on offerings and registration. The District also publishes a monthly technology newsletter, Tech Connections, that offers some practical help online.

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