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The following are sites that might be useful in your classrooms. Descriptions follow each linked entry. Only a couple of clip art sites are included. They are just examples of the overwhelming abundance of such sites available. You can download any kind of image, background, animated graphic, button, bar or icon you could possibly want. If you need more choices, just type the words "free clip art" in any search engine. Then hold onto your keyboard...
TeacherFiles.Com Clip Art is a fabulous collection of clipart specific to teachers!  Cool Clip Art  offers free, downloadable clip art and web graphics. Visitors must sign an agreement before downloading images. The site has lots of art targeted for educational use.
Web Paper  has 42 GIF files that create the illusion that text is written on one of many paper choices. School Image Gallery
Over 50 pages of school related graphics.
Phyllis's Backgrounds & Alphabets includes many interesting textured backgrounds as well as clip art alphabets.  The GoGraph intro page allows you to search for graphics.
Cool Archive Icons has small icons grouped into popular categories like cartoons and Star Wars.  D.W.'s Teacher Resource Pages has great educational clip art.
For a wonderful collection of fonts visit Fonts For Kids! Absolutly Free Clipart is the place to find fun cartoon clip art.


For free, downloadable MP3s, MIDIs and WAVs, check out The Free Site. There are also links to sites that can guide you in the process of streaming audio and video clips. The possiblities are endless-- you can download anything from a sound effect to a movie clip, stream your own radio show, access thousand of full length songs, etc. The site claims that all works are Public Domain.

Need a Java applet? Check out this site, The Java Boutique. It is part of a larger site, , that offers extensive information (be it a bit technical) about the Internet.

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