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Local Network

Solving Network Problems

Solving Network Problems

Since I do not have my own classroom or computer, I don't have any previous experiences with the Charter school network. I sent questionaires to the faculty and staff asking what kinds of problems they have had in the past but got very few responses. This is what I have come up with so far. I expect this section to grow as my experience does...

Why isn't there a network login when I start up my computer?

If you turn on the computer and you can't even logon, the charter server is down and you need to contact Mr. Jolly.

I can logon to the computer but can't get to any Internet sites. Why?

The Internet connection is down. Contact Mr. Jolly...

My mouse sometimes locks up...

Hit the Control, Atl and Delete buttons on the keyboard simultaneously. This will bring  up a dialog box. Try to highlight the line displaying the name of the program you are using to close it down. The application may have become unstable and "locked up." By closing only that program, you might be able to "wake up" the computer without rebooting. If the mouse still won't work, shut down the computer and reboot. This often fixes the problem. Also double-check connection port to make sure the mouse did not become disconnected from the processor.

Sometimes I try and open games that I previously installed on my hard drive and they won't work...

Some of the associated files may have become corrupted (messed up). Reinstall the game.

When I reboot my computer, I can't get any sound to come out of the speakers or headphones...

First check to make sure the speakers or headphone jacks are properly and securely inserted in the correct port (space) on the computer. If that does not fix the problem, check the volume settings by right clicking the volume icon (picture of yellow speaker on the task bar). Open the volume controls and check the settings in the pop up window. Each indicator tab should be set about halfway up the dial. If these settings indicate that the volume is audible, see Mr. Jolly. If these settings indicated that the volume is muted, slide the tab up to increase the volume. If these tabs revert to the mute position each time you reboot, the start up configuration needs to be changed. Mr. Jolly can do this for you.

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