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Rubrics for Site Evaluation

Rubrics for Site Evaluation

rubric.htm - 2552 BytesHere is a rubric I made for kindergarten and first graders to use to evaluate web sites they visit. Click here for a printable version .

Name________________________ Date________

Look What’s On the Web!

The name of this web site is:



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Is this easy to read?




Do I know who wrote this?




Did I learn something new?




Do I want to come back here?




Here is a version for second and third graders. Click here for a printable version .

Name___________________________________  Date________

Look What's On The Web!

The name of this site is:


The address or URL of this site is:




I like the way this site looks.





I understand how to get to different parts of this site.




I can find the name of the author of this site.




I can find out how to send a message to the author of this site.




I learned something new by exploring this site.




There is a list of other sites I can visit to get more information.




I would like to visit this site again.





This is one thing I learned at this site:



The best part of this site is:



Here is a rubric I created for teachers to use when evaluating sites for student use. Click here for a printable version .

Evaluating Web Sites:
A Rubric For Teachers

Name of Site:
URL: Date of Review:
Intended Audience: Recommended Grade Level:
Curricular Topics Supported:

0 Points

1 Point

2 Points


The layout is user-friendly and easy to navigate


Links are clearly labeled.


Graphics load quickly.


Text is easy to read.


Background is not distracting.


Attractive and creative use of graphics and color.



Information is accurate.


Information is complete.


Information can be verified by other sources.


Content is meaningful.


Site is worth revisiting.



Author or hostís credentials are included.


Author or hostís email address is included.


Site has been updated recently.


Links provided support authorís message.


Sources of information (links) are included



Site challenges learners to think and reflect.


Site would engage learners.


Site integrates at least 3 of the multiple intelligences.




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