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Local Network

Solving Network Problems

Local Network Support

If a classroom teacher experiences any type of network related problem, they are to contact the onsite Technology Coordinator, Andy Jolly. Mr. Jolly's chief responsibilites include troubleshooting network problems, maintaining and repairing equipment, and consulting with teachers regarding software and Internet resources. He is also developing the school website and provides mini- inservice programs to help teachers with the use of available resources. If Mr. Jolly can't resolve the problem, it is his responsiblity to contact the appropriate support technicians for further assistance. He is at school every morning and teachers can either stop by his office, call him at extension 101 or email him at andjolly@springfield.k12.il.us.

Mr. Jolly backs up the server every day using a tape system. Originally installed programs and data files housed on individual classroom machines have a ghost on the server but additions and changes are not backed- up unless the teacher does so on her/his own. This means that applications and data added to individual computers are not back-up by the tape drive...teachers MUST save their own data on floppy disks regularly! If possible, Mr. Jolly will help teachers retrieve lost data.

Since the Charter School is a relatively new institution and will be growing at a considerable rate over the next 4 years, a support system will be developed to accomodate the needs of the staff and faculty. Mr. Jolly is quite receptive to input from network users and will implement policy to support maximum technological intergration and use. Let him know what how he can help...

No technical support is provided for networking at home or over the summer.

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