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Encarta 1999

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1. Insert the CD in the drive and wait for the home page to appear on the screen.

2. Along the top of the screen is the menu bar with several different choices: Find, Home <- and ->, Features, Tools, Options, Favorites and Help.

3. For the purposes of searching for a particular subject, you will be using the Find command.  In the white box directly to the right of Find, type in the topic for which you are searching information.

4. After you have typed in the word(s), a white box appears on the left side of the screen listing all of the articles that have your topic word in them.

5. Look through the list and click on the one, which you think, will provide you with the information.

6. If you click on an article that isnít what you wanted, simply click on the left arrow on the menu bar and it will send you back to the listing of articles again.

7. If you need a dictionary while you are reading the article, click on Tools --> Dictionary.  Then type the word in the box provided, click on Look Up and the definition will pop up.

8. Should you need the print the article, click on Options -> Print and follow the prompts.

9. Encarta also gives you some extras: Related Articles, Multimedia and Web Links.  Click on those buttons to visit these special features.

10. To begin a search for another topic, click in Home in the Menu Bar and start the process again.

11. To exit the encyclopedia, click on the Close Box (X) in the upper right hand corner.

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