Use these resources to help you develop your own network based projects.  By having this list, you 'll be able to concentrate on the actual project instead of having to spend so much time searching for the appropriate tool or source.
Clip Art Gallery Live - You can find over 100,000 graphic images and sounds, including clip art, photographs, and Web Animations.  Useful for web pages and Publisher documents.
EGrader - An online gradebook from LearningGate.com which provides a free, Web-based elctronic gradebook and class calendar.  All information is stored in a secure, password protected environment.  Teachers can also give students and parents access to assignments, grades, class calendar, and reference material.
Internet Primer This Internet Primer is designed especially for K-12 teachers  and assumes that you're new to the Web.
Internet Tutorials -These tutorials are an excellent way to learn about the Internet for the first time or just hone your skills.  Other subjects include: Boolean Searching, Copying and Pasting to the Windows WordPad, and Second Generation Searching
Microsoft Downloads for Educators - Integrating Microsoft Office into the classroom has never been easier thanks to free downloads Microsoft has made available for educators. The tools needed to help teachers and students gather, analyze, publish, and present material are free for the taking, and this tutorial will explain exactly how and where to get them, how to install them, and even give you ideas for using them.
ProDraw Cartoon Clips Library is the best graphics resource to add spice to your web pages and documentation. The Cartoon Clips Library commercial version is packed with over 1,100 original cartoon clips in 13 different categories.
Student Research Helps - If you are concerned about controlling the areas your students visit on the Web as they do research then you might consider creating your own Web page for student research.
Teacher Tools Includes information for:  (1) Quiz Star  New! Create a custom  quiz that learners can take online.  (2) Trackstar Easily create annotated online lessons that guide students through sites that you choose.  (3) Project Based Learning—Customize age-appropriate, project checklists to lead students through independent or group projects.  Great for encouraging peer or self-assessment.  Project Poster may be used to create online projects as well.  (4) Web Worksheet Wizard—This tool quickly makes a worksheet, lesson or class web page with your having to learn HTML.
WebMonkey A comprehensive site for web site developers.  You’ll find tutorials, articles and reference materials on every aspect of web development.
Web Primer—This will allow you not only to  understand and use existing Web content, but also how to develop your own Web content for classroom applications.