The Digital Cqmera
The Sony Fd83 Digital Camera

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1. All of the pictures you take will be stored on a floppy disk and not in the camera.  To insert the disk: holding the camera with the LCD screen facing you, insert the disk, label side up, into the left side of the camera.

2. To record still images (take pictures)
a. Slide POWER switch down to turn on thye power and insert the floppy disk until it clicks.
b. Set the PLAY/STILL/MOVIE switch to STILL.
c. Press the shutter button halfway down.
d. Press the shutter button fully down to record the image on your disk.  When the image is being recorded on the disk, the ACCESS lamp flashes.  When it is flashing, never shake or strike the unit.

3. To play back still images (see what you’ve taken)
b. Press the triangle pointing up on the control button to show the menu bar on the LCD screen.
c. Select the recorded image by pressing either the triangle pointing to the left or the triangle pointing to the right on the control button.

4. To eject disk, while sliding the EJECT lock down, slide DISK EJECT in the direction of the arrow. (to the left)

5. Battery life: You will have approximately 50 minutes of recording time to take your pictures.   The LCD panel will show you how many minutes you have left.  Bring back to the lab for charging.

6. Disk capacity: a 3.5 disk will hold 8 images. A blinking circle in the upper right hand corner of the screen signals the disk is full.  You will also receive a Disk Full message on the screen.

7. To view the images from your disk on the computer:
a. Insert disk into the floppy drive.
b. Open the My Computer icon on the desktop.
c. Double click on the 3½  inch FD (a:).
d. Double click on the desired data file.

8. To insert your picture in Microsoft Word or other Office applications
a. With Word document on the screen, select Insert from the Menu Bar.
b. Move down to Picture and select From File.
c. Select 3½ inch floppy (A:)
d. Choose the file you saved and it will appear in your document.

9. To delete files from your disk
a. Insert disk into the floppy drive.
b. Open the My Computer icon on the desktop.
c. Double click on the 3½ inch FD (A:).
d. Click on the desired data file.
e. Hit the Delete key and the file (picture) will be deleted.

10. Note:  the camera has an automatic zoom feature.  To learn more about manual focusing, refer to the more complicated manual!

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