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1. Insert the CD and click on the Kid Pix Studio icon on your desktop.  Another way to begin the program is to go to Start --> Programs --> Broderbund Software --> Kid Pix Studio.

2. On the Studio Picker screen, click on the words Kid Pix to create your work of art.

3. There are four different parts to the Kid Pix Studio screen.  First, at the top is the Menu Bar with the following choices: File, Edit, Toolbox and Goodies.

4. Along the left-hand side is the second part: the Drawing Tools.

5. Directly below is the Color Palette.

6. At the bottom of the screen is the Tool Options Tray.

7. In the Kid Pix Tools, the first one at the top is the Wacky Pencil, which is used to draw free-form lines.  When you click on it, you’ll see the options for the style, width and pattern of your pencil at the bottom of the screen.  There are two sets of pencil options, giving you square or circle-shaped pencil points.

8. The second tool down is the Line tool, which is used to draw straight lines.  You’ll have options for line widths and patterns.  To draw angles, press the Shift key while using the Line tool.

9. The third tool down is the Rectangle tool, which is used to draw rectangles with various patterns.  To draw a perfect square, press the Shift key while using the tool.

10.  The next tool is the Oval tool, which draws ovals in various patterns.  To draw a perfect circle, press the Shift key while using the tool.

11. Use the Wacky Brush tool to paint in every direction you could ever imagine!  For the many choices you’ll have, check the trays at the bottom of the screen.  For extra effects, try the Ctrl and Shift keys!

12. Click the Paint Can tool on an area to fill your picture with colors and patterns from the Option trays.

13. The Electric Mixer tool will transform your drawing.  To set the mixer effects in motion, click the tool option from the tray you want, then click on your drawing.

14.  For erasing parts or all of your drawing, click on the
Eraser tool and then choose the option from the tray at the bottom.

15. The Alphabet Text tool lets you use the mouse to stamp text on your artwork.  Click on the arrows in the Option tray to scroll through your letter choices.

16. The Text from the Keyboard tool gives you the choice of 14 fonts.  Use the mouse to “plant” the cursor and start typing.

17. Choose the Rubber Stamp tool to stamp pre-drawn pictures into your picture.  You can swap in other stamp sets by using the “Pick a Stamp Set” feature, located under the Goodies menu.  Stamps can be resized by holding down the Ctrl and Ctrl + Shift keys.

18. Choose one of the Moving Van sizes to move parts of your artwork around the screen.  Position the van over the section you want to move.  Move the section by holding the mouse button down and moving the mouse.  Lift your finger from the button when you have the section where you want it.

19. Use the Eyedropper tool to grab any color you want.  Click on the Eyedropper tool and then click on a color in your Kid Pix picture.  The color you click on will appear in the current color box, and you can paint or draw with that color using any of the other Kid Pix tools.

20. The last tool, Undo Guy, will undo your last action.  This is handy when you do something you do not want to keep.

21. Once your artwork is completed, you may save your work by going to File --> Save a Picture.

22. Once your file has been saved, then go to File --> Return to Kid Pix Studio.  Once there, go to File --> Quit.

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