The Scanner
Hewlett Packard 6200c

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1.  Insert picture into scanner face down at the top of the scanner window.

2.  Click on Adobe Photo Deluxe Business Edition 1.0 icon.

3.  On the Tabs on the left, choose Get & Fix Photo.

4.  Click on Get Photos.

5.  From the choices at the top, click on scanner.

6.  Start with 1 Mode.

7.  Choose Guided for automatic scanning.

8.  From 2 Output, choose Printed Document.

9.  For 3 Sizing:  make the appropriate choice.  (original)

10.  For 4 Type:  make your selection as to what most closely represents the document you are scanning.

11.  Choose Scan when your document is ready.

12.  Click on Done.

13.  Next, click on the Touch Up tab for... touch ups.

14.  Click on the appropriate button to make any of the following changes:
   Fix color, appearance, size orientation, sharpen, color to B & W.

15.  The next tab, Repair, you may choose to make the following changes:
   Remove red eye, restore old photo, remove elements, remove noise, retouch face, remove dust, color eye.

16.  The Special Effects button on the left side of the screen will give    you even more choices.

17.  The Projects button will give you further ways to utilize your canned artwork.

18.  Skip Internet for now.

19.   Your next important task is to save your work.  Click on:
    Send and Save.

20.  Let's save to your disk.  Insert your disk and click on the To Disk tab.

21.  On the menu bar, click on the File --> Save As --> JPEG file.

22. Type in your file name, making sure you are saving to:
   3 1/2 Floppy (A:) and save.

23.  To print your "art," click on the To Printer tab.

24.  From there, page setup will help you change the orientation from Portrait to landscape.  Here are the choices you have:
       Print Preview
     Print a T-Shirt
     Multiples on page

25.  If you would like to select all of the picture or part of it for another application, such as Word or PowerPoint, click on To Application and then Other Applications.

26.  Follow the directions on the tab.  You will be copying your image to the Clipboard.

27.  Next, open up Word or PowerPoint and paste your image in to the document.

28.  Ta-dahhh!  You've now successfully scanned a photo, tweaked, saved and printed it!

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