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Please note:  This work is not intended to be viewed as an original work by the author.  Rather, it's the author's intention that this be viewed as an overview of what the "experts" are saying about web design.   Because much of the information is found in several sources, you will not find many specific citations.  This is not meant to imply that these are all the author's original thoughts, but instead that they are thoughts that seem fairly common to web style guides in general.  If the author has erred in not citing a source, please contact him immediately: 

Andres, Yvonne.  Al Rogers.  Harnessing the Power of the Web  Global       SchoolNet Foundation.  August 1977: 

o  This is an excellent, comprehensive site. 

Designing Information for Communication:  May 27, 1997: 

o  This site is pretty weak.  It does offer some good tips, but nothing you can't get from the Yale Style Guide.  Skip it if you can . 

Horton, Sarah.  Patrick J. Lynch.  Yale C/AIM Web Style Guide. 

o  This is an excellent site.  Anyone who is seriously contemplating web design should read it thoroughly. 


o  This site offers many insights, and perhaps a little more "style" than the stalwart Yale site. 

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