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Choosing Books
Determining Levels
Creating Questions
Scoring Inventory 1
Giving the Inventory
Scoring Inventory 2
Reading the Inventory
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What is it?  The purpose of an Informal Reading Inventory 
(IRI) is to provide greater insight into a student's  
reading level.  It does not provide a specific diagnoses; 
rather, it provides the "normal" classroom teacher greater  understanding of a child's abilities, which in turn may  lead to more accurate instruction.  I wrote one for use in my own classroom in hopes I could more realistically match  ability level with material level.  This tutorial will   hopefully allow you to create an IRI that will enhance  your teaching of reading as well.  Please go on to the next section in the table of contents. 
 About the Author:  Steve Rutledge is on leave of absence from teaching at Judah Christian High School, Champaign, Illinois.  Currently, he is a graduate student and supervisor in the teaching techniques laboratory at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. He gratefully acknowledges the work of others present in this tutorial.  To comment on this tutorial, please e-mail 
Steve Rutledge at --  Thank you!  

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