Choosing Books 
Determining Level 

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Choosing Your Books:  First you need to decide what  texts you 
want to use with your students.  I chose five books from the  
curriculum I teach.  You may want to choose books of that vary  
in difficulty (we will talk more about determining ability level in 
the next section).  Several things to keep in mind: 
                  o   You will need to take at least three meaningful  
                        excerpts of about 100-to-200 words a piece from these  
                  o    You will need excerpts that are not entirely dialogue. 
                  o    You need to be aware that a child's interest can level 
                         can affect his/her performance on the inventory.  Some  
                         may score better on fiction, and others on non-fiction. 
                         You may consider testing your student on both.