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Creating Questions:  For each of your excerpts you will be writing 
five-to-ten comprehension questions.   I very much recommend you create ten questions if possible.  However, I must admit, five was the best I could do with the length of the excerpts.  You will want to vary the types of questions for each set.  For example, you may want to start with simple "knowledge-comprehension" questions, and move to more difficult inference questions.  Here is an example from an excerpt I took from Steinbeck's The Pearl: 

1)  What was the man behind the desk's job? 

(a buyer or pearl buyer) 

2)  What did Kino have with him? 

(a pearl) 

3)  How is the man behind the desk feeling? 

(anxious, excited) 

etc.  Notice how the questions shift from knowledge to inference.  Notice too that I have included possible answers.  These help you remain consistent as you test different students. 
You will need to create a set of questions for each of your excerpts.