Giving the Inventory 
Scoring Inventory 2 

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Giving the Inventory:  Here are the materials you will need to to give the inventory:   

     o  A stop watch to time the student 
     o   A copy of all readings for the student 

     o   A copy of all readings and comprehension questions 
           for scoring purposes (You will be recording errors on 

Step One:  Explain to the student that this is not a test!  Note:  the last thing these students need is another test to fail on).  Explain that this inventory is really so that you can be a better teacher for them! 

Step Two:  Set timer.   

Step Three:  Begin timer as student reads the first excerpt out loud. 

Step Four:  Score errors on your copy. 

Step Five:  Stop timer when student stops.  Record total time. 

Step Six:  Give comprehension questions.  Record answers. 

Because you have created at least three excerpts, you can have your student read the next excerpt silently.  You will want to record their time, and to ask them comprehension questions, but obviously you will not be recording their errors.  Note also:  You can read an excerpt to the student and score them based on comprehension.  Thus, an excerpt can be used either to investigate a students oral reading abilities, silent reading abilities, or listening abilities.