Scoring Inventory 2 
Reading the Inventory 
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Scoring the Inventory 2:  You will probably want to create some sort of standard score sheet.  In addition to the obvious (name, date, etc.) I suggest you include the following on such a sheet: 

      o   Name of Excerpt, and Estimated Reading Level 
            of Excerpt 

      o    WPM (Word Per Minute Rate) 
      o    Total of Scorable Errors 

      o    Comprehension Question Score 

      o     Approximate Level of Performance (Independent, 
              instructional, frustration, etc..) 

First, you want to determine your students (WPM) reading speed.  To do so, you can use the following formula:   

Number of Words (x) 60 (/) Number of Seconds 

So, let's say I had a student read a 188 word piece in 4:30.  His/her reading rate would be as follows: 

188 (x) 60 (/) 270 (seconds) = 41.8 WPM.   

Thus, this student reads at 41.8 words per minute! 

For a further discussion of scoring, see Scoring Inventory 1.