The Parable of the Robin
  one day, as I was walking home from work, I noticed a grassy field full of birds.  As I approached, most took flight, finding sanctuary in pine trees or phone lines.  Not so with one bird, however.  This robin merely flew about twenty feet down the sidewalk I was walking upon.  Of course, it wasn't long until once again I was too close for comfort, and the bird flew another few yards or so, and once again began pecking along the sidewalk, as if all its problems had been solved.  Of course, it wasn't long until once again I came barging in upon the bird.  

     I began to become a little upset for the little 
bird.  "Look, little guy," I thought.  "If you would just fly a few feet to the left or the right 
of the path, you could go on undisturbed." 
Since that time, I have observed this type of behavior in other robins.  Robins just must be stupid, I suppose.  But then again, one day I sensed the Lord telling me, "You are just like the Robin!"  I knew what he meant, right away.

 You see, often in my life I would feel anxiety in my relationship with God.  So, I would do something good, like maybe fast and pray, witness about Jesus, or go visit a shut in.  Ah, this would bring comfort, but only for a short time.  Invariably, this anxiety would come barging in again.  Like the robin I was dealing with fear of God's judgment by flying a few feet more down the path -- only my path was the pathe of good deeds!  Naturally, the peace never lasted!  To find real peace with God I had to fly off the path of good deeds altogether.  
     Trusting in Jesus  is entirely different from trusting in our good works.  To trust in Jesus means that He is the one who pays for our sins.  He is the one who makes us more Holy.  Yes, we participate in the program, but we have given the control of the program entirely over to Lord Jesus.  To find lasting peace with God we must jump off the path of good works, and trust in Jesus.  Don't just hop a few more feet down the path, friend.  Stop trying to do anything!  Trust in Jesus Christ to work in you!  If you don't think you can trust Him, trust Him to give you the grace to trust!  Fly free!
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