Rubrics for Evaluating Websites
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Intermediate Grades may use this rubric for evaluation purposes.  Go to the printable version.

Evaluator's Name:
Title of Website:
Address or URL:
1 = not so good
2 = okay
3 = good 
The author is given.      
The author's organization or institution is given.      
The author can be contacted.      
Check for spelling or grammar mistakes.      
The date that the webpage was last updated is given.      
The information is up-to-date.      
The information is complete.      
The author is fair and objective.      
The author provides support for the information.      
The sources are listed.      
Another resource can be found with similar information.      
         List the second resource.
Design & Technology
The pictures are relevant and clear.      
The pages are easy to move around.      
The colors are appealing.      
All of the the links work.      
The pages load relatively quickly.  (About 30 seconds.)      
Overall - How does the website rate?      
* Rubric based on Harris's CARS Checklist.
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"Look What's On the Web!"  Printable rubrics for early primary grades and for 2nd and 3rd graders designed by Becky Trieger of the Springfield Ball Charter School.

Use the following links to find a variety of rubrics to use for evaluation.
Tammy Payton's Evaluation 
Rubrics for Websites provides three rubrics for students based on grade level.  Students use points to "grade" a website.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators  Includes three levels of evaluation.  (Best viewed with Internet Explorer) CyberBee's CyberGuide  Includes rubrics for rating content and design.  The rubrics are meant for use by older students.
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