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This section of the handbook is intended to be an example of website evaluation outlined in the previous section Evaluating Websites.    At first glance, The Children's Literature Web Guide looks like an amazing resource.

The following evaluation is to see how well the site "stands up" to R. Harris's CARS Evaluation.

Children's Literature Web Guide Logo and Link

the letter C Credibility
  • The author is listed complete with address, phone and email.
  • The author, David K. Brown, is the Director of the Doucette Resource Center at the University of Calgary.
  • In his introduction, the author explains that when he learns of a new site, through searches or other notification, he looks at the site thoroughly before posting it with a short description.
  • He also points out that he is not responsible for the awards.
  • the letter AAccuracy
  • The site was most recently updated in April, 2001.  According to the "What's New?" page, the site had not been updated in almost a year.
  • the letter RReasonableness
  • The author realized that the world is turning more and more to the Internet, but it is his hope that children and young adults will be "tempted away from the Internet, and back to the books themselves".
  • The author seems objective in his reviews.
  • the letter SSupport
  • Although the author does not seem to cite other sources, he does provide links to websites that have similar information.
  • The following was also considered during the evaluation.
    Design &
  • The site is attractively simple.  Not many pictures clutter the pages.  Logos are well done.
  • The colors are nice.
  • The pages are very easy to maneuver.
  • The links appear to work.
  • The pages load very quickly.
  • After having looked at the site more carefully, it is still impressive.  It should be a great resource for the reading classroom as it provides many author links.  The main concern is with the update date.  Some of the book award lists have not been updated in several years.  One may also wonder, how many authors are also missing from the site?  Suggestion:  Don't rely on this as the only resource.

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