Bulletin Board Ideas
  • Before school started, put students names on colored squares of paper.  Mount them in a checkerboard pattern on the wall in the hallway.  Then on the first day of school, take students pictures and add them to the display.
A Welcome Quilt
An example of a welcome quilt.
A Getting to Know You Clothesline.
An example of quilt blocks hanging on a clothesline.
  • Click to view PDF worksheetUse the quilt block provided.  In the center diamond, have students draw pictures of themselves.  Then in the outside triangles, have them draw pictures that describe themselves.  After the patchwork squares have been cut out, mount them on colored paper.  The example to the left shows the blocks hanging from a clothesline.
  • On squares of paper have students draw scenes from each chapter of one of the books.  On a second square of paper, have students write a summary of the chapter.  Have the students put the scenes in order.  Alternate the pattern like a checkerboard.
  • Have students make collage style pictures on squares of paper.  Give the students a theme for the pictures.  Hang the squares in a checkerboard pattern, alternating a picture square with a plain square.
Example of Quilt Bulletin Board
Example of Quilt Bulletin Board
  • Make a theme patchwork paper quilt.  Cut 1-2 inch squares of paper in various colors.  Have the class determine a pattern for the squares and glue them to larger paper squares.  Alternate the patchwork squares with holiday or another theme blocks.
  • Students can also agree on a quilt block (or several blocks) and make a larger pattern with all of the blocks.  Also create a paper border for the quilt.
Example of Quilt Bulletin Board
  • Have students interview one another.  Students can record information on colored paper (one of two colors) blocks.  Create a paper friendship quilt with the information collected by alternating the colored paper blocks.  Add photographs to the quilt!

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