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Definition / History of Espresso

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How to Make Espresso

Espresso preparation requires care and consciousness on the part of the operator. The job is given so much respect that in Italy the term "barista," or espresso bartender, is earned through proven skill and experience and considered an honorable title. The Italians refer to the four M?s as being key to the creation of espresso:


Espresso Making - A Procedure


show-m-2.jpg (28250 bytes)The actual steps that a barista does when making an Espresso on a contemporary semi-automatic machine can be arranged in the following prescribed order:




1.Preheating the cup - by rinsing or soaking it under a stream of water from the brew port.       
2.Fill the espresso basket with fresh ground coffee from the doser/grinder  

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3.Tamp the grounds firmly and wipe clean the top edge of the basket  
4.Fix the basket handle into the port head of the espresso machine.  


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5.Start the pump on the espresso machine.  

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6.Observe the flow for the quality characteristics of the espresso crema.jpg (97446 bytes)
7.Stop the pump or pull the receiving cup from the flow at the appropriate extraction level/time.  
8.Serve the Espresso, or use it to make the ordered espresso-based beverage .For the details of epsresso-based berverage , please refer the Recipes section  
10.Unfix the basket handle and knock out the spent grounds into the knockout box.  
11.Rinse or wipe the basket and port head clean.  
12.Refix the handle into the port head of the espresso machine so that it will stay hot  

This process may get repeated over a thousand times per day at a busy coffeehouse, but the Espresso requires that each time the process be done consciously and carefully to produce quality.


Definition / History of Espresso

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