Activity 1a

C&I 335

Summer, 1998

Michelle Tjelmeland

Franklin Middle School

Springfield, Illinois


I instruct a core exploratory class which consists of teaching areas of language arts that cannot be taught in the normal curriculum due to time restraints. Each nine weeks, I have a new set of students for the class. I am constantly searching for ways to improve my curriculum for this class. Each students in my core class is required to hand write an autobiography. Although the students enjoy this project, it becomes extremely time consuming because the students are constantly editing and revising their work. Additionally, I am constantly pulling my hair out trying to read their sloppy hand writing. So I have decided to have the students create an electronic autobiography/web page similar to the ePortfolio page that the students in C&I 335 are creating. I believe that this project will motivate students as well as myself.

Students would use the computer lab or classroom computers to create the autobiography. There would be a sign up sheet to ensure that all students were given equal amounts of time on the computer. The students in my class would create an autobiography using Microsoft FrontPage Editor. In addition to learning the various skills needed to run FrontPage, students would also learn how to use tables, scanners, and flex and/ or digital

Each autobiography/web page would include the following:
1. Front page with the students name and picture (flex or dig. camera)
2. Table of Contents (listing all pages including in the autobiography). Students would create a table to represent information on this page.
3. Me? A five year old article about kindergarten. Students would scan a picture from Kindergarten. This page would also include a poem entitled"Kindergarten Senses" about the students memories of Kindergarten.
4. Now that I am grown up. This article would include a current picture of the student (flex or dig. camera) and an essay about teenage years.
5. My favorite place article include an essay about the student's favorite place and a picture or clipart image.
6. My family essay would include information about a student's family and pictures or relevant clip art images.
7. My Favorite Holiday essay would describe a student's favorite holiday. Pictures or images would be included in this article also.
8. My hero article containing a picture of the student's hero and an essay about the person.
9. Something needs to be done five paragraph essay. Students would identify a topic that they feel strongly about--drug abuse, abortion, open campus, etc. They would review at least three articles on the Internet and then include their opinions and concerns about the topic as well as the information found in the articles from the web.
10. If I Were in Charge of the World Poem. This poem would include relevant pictures or images.
11. Students could earn extra credit by writing an additional article(s) on the following:
My favorite Colt
My Greatest Success Story
The Hardest Lesson I've ever Learned
My Most Frightening Experience
My First Day in Middle School

After the project was completed, students would first evaluate themselves and then evaluate other classmates. A finally grade would be given to the students after I had reviewed their personal evaluation, peer evaluations, and my evaluation.

Please note that parents would be notified about the project. If parents objected to their child using pictures, clip art could be used or pictures from books or magazines.

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