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TitleComposerGenreMusical elementsgrade level
Flight of the BumblebeeRimsky-Korsakovorchestramelody(up and down)K
The Elephant from Carnival of the AnimalsSaint-Saensorchestramelody(high and low)K
"Finale" from Syhmphony No. 14Haydn, Franz Josephorchestramelody(up and down)K
Prelude in C# Minor, Opus 28 No. 10Chopinpianomelody(high and low)K
Concerto for Trumpet and OrchestraHaydn, Michaelorchestramelody(high and low), timbreK
French Suite No. 5 in G Major, "Gavotte" Bach, Johann Sebastianharpsichordmelody(steps and skips)1
Carnival of the Animals "Long Eared Persons"Saint-Saens, Camilleorchestramelody(high and low)1
Les Aventures de Mercure, "Bath of Graces"Satie, Erikorchestramelody(up and down), rhythm(long and short)1
Children's Games, "Impromptu - The Top"Bizet, Georgeorchestramelody(up and down), rhythm(long and short), dynamics(loud and soft)1
Children's Games, "Leapfrog"Bizet, Georgeorchestramelody(high and low)1
Children's Corner Suite, "The Little Shepherd"Debussy, Claudeorchestramelody(up and down)1
Gopak from The Fair at SorochinskMussorsky, Modestorchestramelody(up and down)1
AllemandeCervaise, Claudeorchestral bells, viols, recordersmelody(tonal center), timbre, harmony, form2
En Bateau from Petite SuiteDebussy, Claudepianomelody(up and down), rhythm(long and short), form(same, varied and contrasting segments)2
Tambourin from Cephale et ProcrisGretry, Andre orchestramelody(home tone)2
Variations on "Ah, vous dirai-je, maman"Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeuspianomelody(home tone), form(same, varied and contrasting segments), rhythm(regular and irregular grouping)2
"The Aviary" from the Carvnival of the AnimalsSaint-Saen, Camilleorchestramelody(high and low)2
Peer Gynt Suite, "In the Hall of the Mountain King"Grieg, Edwardorchestramelody(repeating patterns), rhythm(fast and slow)2
L 'Enfant et les sortileges, "Love for Two Cats"Ravel, Mauriceorchestramelody(long and short phrases, same and differnt phrases)2
Carnival of the Animals, "Aquarium"Saint-Saen, Camilleorchestramelody(up and down)2
Carnival of the Animals, "The Swan"Saint-Saen, Camilleorchestramelody(up and down)2
The Nutcracker Suite "March"Tchaikovsky, Peterorchestramelody(high and low, phrases)2
Fountain Dance from Wand of Youth Suite no. 2Elgar, Edwardorchestramelody(high and low, up and down)2
Hungarian Dance No. 1 in g minorBrahms, Johannesorchestramelody(tonal center)3
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Minuet.Mozart, wolfgang Amadeusorchestramelody(home tone)3
Sinfonia No. 1 in G Major, Minuet.Scarlatti, Domenicoorchestramelody(up and down)3
Red Pony, Circus Music.Copland, Aaronorchestramelody3
Symphony No. 4, Movement 4 Tchaikovsky, Peter IIyichorchestramelody, rhythm, from, dynamics, timbre4
Variations on Pop Goes the Weasel Caillet, Lucien.orchestramelody, timbre, rhythm4
Allegretto from Symphony #7Beethoven, Ludwig Van orchestrameldoy(home tone), rhythm(long and short)5
"Samuel Goldenberg and Schmuyle" from Pictures at an ExhibitionMussorgsky, Modestorchestramelody(high and low)5
Prelude from CarmenBizet, Georgesorchestramelody(steps and leaps)5
Symphony No. 1, Movement 3Beethoven, Ludwig van orchestramelody(up and down), timbre, rhythm, dynamics5
Ride of the ValkyriesWagner, Richardorchestramelody(scales)5
Prince Igor, Polovetsian DancesBorodin, Alexanderorchestramelody(steps)7
Sonata for Flute, Movement 2Hindemith, PaulFlutemelody7
Le Cid, Aragonaise Massenet, Julesoperarhythm, melody7
Concerto #21 in C Major for Piano and Orchestra, Movement 2 (excerpt)Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeuspiano/orchestramelody, harmony, style, expression7
Sonata #15 in C Major, Movement 1 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeuspianomelody, harmony, rhythm7
Classical Symphony, Movement 3 (Gavotte)Prokofiev, Serveiorchestramelody7
Piano Concerto, Movement 1Schoenberg, Arnoldpiano/orchestramelody, harmony, expression7
The Firebird, FinaleStravinsky, Igororchestramelody, timbre7
The Nutcracker Suite, Grand Pas de DeuxTchaikovsky, Peter Ilyichorchestramelody(steps)7
Symphony #9, 4th MovementBeethoven, Ludwig van orchestramelody, expression7
Serenade, PrologueBritten, Benjaminvocal, french horn and stringsmelody(majoy and minor, contour)7
American SaluteGould, Mortonorchestramelody, rhythm(syncopation), expression, dynamics7
CanonPachelbel, Johann orchestramelody7
Messiah, "Hallelujah Chorus"Handel, George Frederickchorus/orchestramelody8

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