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TitleComposerGenreMusical elementsgrade level
"Clock" symphony No. 101 in D.Haydn, Franz JosephorchestrarhythmK
Spring from The Four SeasonsVivaldiorchestrarhythm(steady beat)K
Ase's Death from Peer Gynt Suite No. 1Griegorchestrarhythm(short and long)K
Arrival of the Queen of Sheba from SolomonHandelorchestrarhythm(short and long)K
A Sad Story from Twenty-Four Pieces for ChildrenKabalevskypianorhythm(steady beat)K
Playful Pizzicato from Simple Symphony Brittenorchestrarhythm(steady beat, fast and slow)K
Four Ecossaises, No. 1Shubertpianorhythm(short and long, steady beat)K
"The Witch Doll" and "The Rag Doll" from The Baby's FamilyVilla-Lobospianorhythm(steady beat)K
Little Train from Once Upon A Time SuiteDonaldsonorchestrarhythm(fast and slow)K
March of the Toreadors from CarmenBizetorchestrarhythm(steady beat, accent), formK
Petite Marche Militaire from Suite FrancaisePoulencpianorhythm, expression, formK
March of the toys from Babes in ToylandHerbert, Victororchestrarhythm(steady beat)K
Sleigh Ride from German DancesMozart, Wolfgan amadeusorchestrarhythmK
Children's Symphony, First MovementMacDonald, Karlorchestrarhythm(steady beat)K
Soap Bubbles from Children's GamesBizetorchestrarhythm(slow and fast)K
Cat and the MouseCopland, Aaronpianorhythm(fast and slow)K
Children's Games, "Impromptu - The Top"Bizet, Georgeorchastrarhythm(long and short), Dynamics(loud and soft), Melody(up and down)1
GavotteHandel, George Frederick pianorhythm(steady beat)1
Scenas Infantis, "Run, Run!"Pinto, Octaviopiano duetrhythm(fast and slow)1
Semper FidelisSousa, John PhilipMarching Bandrhythm(sounds in a line may be longer, shorter, or the same as the underlying beat)1
ZingareseHadyn, Franz Joseph harpsichord and violin (small chamber ensemble)rhythm(music moves in relation to underlying beat)1
Five Divertimenti in B Flat Major for Three Bassett HornsMozart, Wolfgang AmadeusBassett Hornsrhythm(Beats may be organized into regular or irregular groupings)1
French Suite No. 5 in G Major, "Gigue"Bach, Johann Sebastian pianorhythm(beat groupings and accented sounds)1
The Comedians, "Pantomime"Kabalevsky, Dmitriorchestrarhythm(long and short)1
The Age of Gold, "Polka"Shostakovich, Dmitriorchestrarhythm(fast and slow)1
Rodeo, "Hoedown"Copland, Aaronorchestrarhythm1
Children's Corner Suite, "Jimbo's Lullaby"Debussy, Claudepianorhythm (faster/slower), expressive qualities dynamics (loud/soft), melody (high/low)1
Divertissement, "Parade"Ibert, Jacquesorchestrarhythm(steady beat)1
Hary Janos Suite, "Viennese Musical Clock"KodalyOrchestrarhythm(long and short)1
Love for Three Oranges, "March"Prokofiev, Sergeiorchestrarhythm(steady beat), expressive qualities1
Flight of the BumblebeeRimsky-Korsakov, Nikolayorchestrarhythm(longer and shorter)2
En Bateau from Petite SuiteDebussy, Claudepianorhythm(short and long), melody(up and down), form(same, varied, or contrasting)2
Circus Music from the Red PonyCopland, Aaronorchestrarhythm(the relative value of dotted half note), form(same and different)2
Children's Symphony, 3rd mvtMacDonald, Karlorchestrarhythm, dynamics(louder and softer), form(ABA)2
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy, from Nutcracker SuiteTchaikovsky, Peterorchestrarhythm(three-beat dotted half note pattern), form(ABA)2
Pictures at an Exhibition, "Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks"Mussorgsky, Modestorchestrarhythm(sounds of different duration)2
Carnival of the Animals, "Aquarium"Saint-Saens, Camilleorchestrarhythm(even and uneven patterns), melody(up and down)2
The Golden Age "Polka"Shostakovich, Dimitri orchestrarhythm(long and short)2
The Stars and Stripes ForeverSousa, John Philipsymphonic bandrhythm(steady beat), harmony, timbre2
El CapitanSousa, John Philip marching bandrhythm, expression2
Sleigh RideAnderson, Leroyorchestrarhythm, expression, dynamics(crescendo)2
Walking Song from Acadian Songs and DancesThompson, Virgilorchestrarhythm(accent), form(rondo)2
Waltz from Les PatineursMeyerbeer, Giacomoorchestrarhythm(accent), form(ABA)2
Children's Games "The Ball"Bizet, Georges orchestrarhythm(steady beat), melody(high and low)2
Air from Suite No.3 in D MajorBach, J.S.string chamber orchestrarhythm(long and short), timbre3
Histoires No. 2- Little White DonkeyIbert, Jacquesorchestrarhythm(long and short)3
Drum Roll Symphony, MinuetHaydn, Franz Josephorchestrarhythm(regular or irregular grouping)3
Music Box WaltzShostakovich, Dmitri.orchestrarhythm(regular and irregular grouping)3
Radetzky MarchStrauss, Johannorchestrathythm(accent)3
Coppelia, Waltz of the Doll.Delibes, Leo.orchestrarhythm(accent)3
Nutcracker Suite, March.Tchaikovsky, Peterorchestrarhythm(accent)3
Unsquare DanceBrubeck, Davejazz ensemblerhythm(regular and irregular grouping)4
Allegretto from Symphony #7Beethoven, Ludwig Vonsymphonyrhythm(longer and shorter), melody(home tone)5
Blue Rondo a la TurkBrubeck, Dave jazz ensemblerhythm(regular and irregular grouping)5
Rumanian DanceBartok, Belapianorhythm(accent)5
Concerto in D Major, Movement 3Haydn, Franz Josephconcerto for piano and orchestrarhythm(similar patterns), melody(similar melody patterns5
American SaluteGould, Morton orchestrarhythm(steady beat, even and uneven patterns)5
Alla Marcia from Karelia SuiteSibelius, Jean orchestrarhythm(steady beat, even and uneven patterns), timbre5
March MilitaireSchubert, Franzorchestrarhythm(steady beat)5
Waltz in A flat majorBrahms, Johannespianorhythm(accent)5
On Hearing the First Cuckoo in SpringDelicies, Frederick orchestrarhythm(accent, meter in 6)5
Sonata in FHandel, George Frederickrecorder and harpsichordrhythm(patterns)5
Brandenburg Concerto #2, Movement 3Bach, Johannes Sebastianorchestrarhythm(steady beat, accent)5
Gloria Tibi from MassBernstein, Leonard Soloists, boy's choir, bongos, wired instrumentsrhythm(even and uneven patterns)5
The Fantastic Toyshop: Tarantella Rossini / Respighi orchestrarhythm(6/8 rhythm patterns)5
FinlandiaSibelius, Jeanorchestrarhythm, style6
Symphony no. 5, 1st mvtBeethoven, Ludwig Vonsymphonyrhythm, form6
Syncopated ClockAnderson, Leroyorchestrarhythm(steady beat), form6
Porgy and Bess - OvertureGershwin, Georgeorchestrarhythm(accented sounds may sound with, before or after the underlying beat)6
Jesus Joy of Man's DesiringBach, J.S.chorus/orchestrarhythm(pattern)6
Pasquinade, "Caprice"Gottschalk, Louis Moreaupianorhythm(syncopation)7
Gottschalk, Louis MoreauGlass, PhilipSynthesizerrhythm, harmony, style7
Peer Gynt, In the Hall of the Mountain KingGrieg, Edwardorchestrarhythm, dynamics7
The EntertainerJoplin, Scottpianorhythm(syncopation)7
Le Cid, AragonaiseMassenet, Jules operarhythm, melody7
Sonata #15 in C Major, Movement 1 Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus pianorhythm, melody, harmony7
The Little Train of the CaipiraVilla Lobos, Heitororchestrarhythm(fast and slow), expression7
Gymnopedie No. 3Satie, Erikpianorhythm7
Les Patineurs, WaltzMeyerbeer, Giacomoorchestrarhythm7
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Wedding MarchMendelssohn, Felixorchestrarhythm, form7
Carmen, Prelude to Act 1Bizet, Georgesorchestrarhythm, dynamics7
Emperor Waltz, TheStrauss, Jr., Johannorchestrarhythm8
JavanaiseBolling, Claudejazzrhythm(regular and irregular grouping)8
Don Giovanni, "Menuetto"Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeusorchestrarhythm, style8
Pavane, "Belle qui tiens ma vie"Arbeau, Thoinot renaissance ensemblerhythm(regular and irregular grouping), style8
CanzonaMaschera, Florentio renaissance ensemblerhythm, style, timbre8
Concerto in F for Two Instrumental Choirs, No. 2, Movement 5Handel, George Frederickchamber orchestrarhythm, harmony8
Elijah, "He, Watching Over Israel"Mendelssohn, Felixchorus/orchestrarhythm, melody8
EqualityHaydn, Franz JosephBaritone and soprano soloists, harpsichordrhythm, harmony, style8
Pictures at an Exhibition, "Promenade"Mussorgsky, Modest orchestrarhythm8

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