Anecdotal Records

Informal Observations

  1. Determine in advance what is to be observed, but be alert for unusual behavior.
  2. Analyze observational records for possible sources of bias.
  3. Observe and record enough of the situation to make the behavior meaningful.
  4. Make a record of the behavior as soon after the observation as possible.
  5. Limit each anecdote to a brief description of a single incident.
  6. Keep the factual description of the incident and your interpretation of it separate.
  7. Record both positive & negative behavioral incidents.
  8. Collect a number of anecdotes on a student before drawing inferences concerning typical behavior.
  9. Obtain practice in writing anecdotal records.





Review with my assistant.

Done orally.


Record in class folder.

Use a post-a-note. (Include date.)


Report to teacher on Friday report.


Transfer post-a-note.


Ask for classroom teacher's response.

Attach a clear post-a-note labeled "feedback."