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Introduction to Data Collection and Analysis. This website provides basic learning courses about data collection and analysis. It presents in detail the steps of data collecting, data processing, data analysis and data presentation.

This is a data collection manual. There are some data collection examples and principles. The descriptions of questionnaire composite and scross-stie reports are very useful for those who want to write their own questionnaires and report.

A briefbook for data analysis. It is a condensed handbook about statistics, data analysis and other related fields. This online briefbook can be used as a good introduction and reference for data analysts, scientists and engineers. Besides, there are some good links to other relevant web sites.

A statistics textbook in electric form. It is an interactive textbook about data analysis. Complete collections of statistic formulas, data analysis charts and graphs, data analysis examples and distribution tables are provided there. You can use it as an online statistic manual.

A a very good site of data analysis. It introduces popular distributions and their applications, and topics in statistical data analysis. It also introduces questionnaire design, survey sampling, time series analysis, computational probability, etc. There are lots of detailed examples teaching you how to use SPSS and SAS (source code that can be used in SAS).

"The University of Michigan Documents Center has put together a great collection of Statistical Resources on the Web. All categories of statistical resources are included from Statistical Resources on Agriculture, Government, Business, Foreign Trade, Consumers, Health, Demographics, Labor, Education, Science and much more! These statistical resources are updated continually." Interesting things include online mortgage calculator and statistical calculator.

Advanced concepts of data analysis. It is called as Research Methods Knowledge Base. Here you can learn the process of doing research, including project design, data collection, data analysis and report writing.

National Center for Health Statics. A model data system website. There are all kinds of useful data sets, such as provisional tables on births, marriages, divorces, and deaths by state. One can use these statistical tables, charts and graphs to practice data analysis. It also adresses the key points when collecting data.

Statistical Science Web. List of statistical resources, including relevant journals, associations and researches (mainly in Australia).

American Statistical Association. Here you can join the American Statistical Association (ASA), find their current and previous projects, and subscribe to their statistical journals.

Council of American Survey Research Organization. This is a website about survey standards and ethnics. It is a useful data collection site.

SPSS is popular data analysis software. It can do all the commonly used calculations in statistics, both descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. It also has lots of other useful functions. For example, data conversion can convert data into different formats for differenct statistic software, such text format and excel format. The function of graphs can output statistic tables, charts and graphs to give more direct and comprehensible statistic information. On the website, there are lots of manuals and application demos of data analysis software.

SAS consists of a series of powerful data analysis software. It is more powerful and thus more complicate than SPSS, because SAS has the function of programming. Users can define their own variables, parameters and functions when conducting data analysis. But there are only some introductions about SAS utilization, not much useful information. To have deeper understanding of this powerful data analysis tool, you can take their training courses (which are very expensive to me).

Lots of data analysis software and data sets. There are links to data analysis package, listed in alphabetical order. There are links to some very interesting data visualization tools, such as Dataplot, Lassptools, etc. There are detailed examples of real world data analysis.

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