Annotated Usability Links

Acknowledged experts Jakob Nielsen's site (Usable Information Technology)
+++regularly updated column, archive of older writing
Bruce Tognazzini, formerly of Apple, author, articles, commentary

Don Norman & User Centered Development
Author of The Design of Everyday Things, CV style list of publications

Primers and Guides

Usability Toolbox
personal site, good primer, defines methods and when to apply them
online guide, goms, methods
guidelines, links

User Test Your Web Site: An Introduction to Usability Testing
basic methods

Collections of articles, tips, models of design processes
company, diagrams of design process
company site, many articles, tips
personal site with articles. links, applying usability to other subjects like advertising
interdisciplinary program in Human Factors, papers

Human Factors International
articles, also usability issues for things besides computers; phone systems, ballots
articles, prototyping tips, usability bibliography, conceptual models

Software Usability Research Laboratory
experimental findings, articles
research center, articles
many articles, managing, promoting usability

Welcome to Usability News -Winter 2001
publication, articles on usability and web

Bad Human Factors Designs
entertaining examples
personal site, UML-like modeling of web sites
personal site, articles by site owner
article collection

Diagnosis of usability problems in interfaces, captures of problem interfaces, contributions from readers also
A model of relation of visual, interface, interaction, navigation in web design - The knowledge base for interaction architects
Collection of articles by the webmaster

UML from W. Hudson
PDF on using UML and surveys of usability methods employed

Patterns and Software: Essential Concepts and Terminology
defining pattern languages, not a collection of patterns

Experiences -- A Pattern Language for User Interface Design
matches content to interaction, graphical map of patterns

Common Ground
matches content to interaction, defines pattern language of design (design principles)

Usability Pattern Collection
design strategies, strategies are discrete combinations of interaction, display and heuristic

Collections of Links
Human/Machine Interface Interest Group -- Usability Testing Resources
Annotated links, group focuses on library interfaces

The Interaction Design Patterns Home Page
many links to pattern language sites

ACM SIGCHI: HCI-Sites (Links on Human-Computer Interaction)
many links

ACM: HCI Bibliography : Human-Computer Interaction Publications and Resources
many links
many categorized links

May 2001 / Bill Hill