Extramural Course on Networking for Practicing Teachers

During the spring semester, 1994, Waugh taught a course called "Electronic Networks for Education", with Levin participating remotely via the Internet from California, where he was on sabbatical. This course was offered both as an extramural course through the University of Illinois' Extramural Education program and as an on-campus course for graduate students in education. There were approximately 20 teachers from around the state of Illinois in this course (along with about 15 graduate students). The course met on campus for four times during the semester (all day meetings on Saturdays), and the rest of the course was conducted via the Internet. Each member of this course had to participate in a K-12 network-based project, and to originate and coordinate a network-based project. The faculty members helped the course members to apply the results of research on educational uses of networks to their own efforts to conduct network-based educational activities. These course members interacted with each other and with teacher education students from the University of Illinois and from other universities. Many of the projects initiated by these course members were quite successful, involving a wide range of K-12 teachers and students across the county and in some cases around the world in joint learning activities. This course can provide a powerful model for the use of networks for creating Teaching Teleapprenticeships which can help practicing teachers learn in this distributed in-service format.

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