Elementary Science Teaching Methods Teaching Teleapprenticeships

This project worked with three sections of a science teaching methods course for elementary education and early childhood education majors, during both the fall and the spring semesters. In these sections, approximately 100 students engaged in a variety of kinds of Teaching Teleapprenticeship activities using the Internet, some of which were successful and others of which were less successful. One of the most interesting uses was when the students, who were serving as interns in K-12 classrooms, used the network to pass along questions about science raised by K-12 students. Another interesting kind of interaction occurred with this class during the spring semester. They had a course assignment to develop a proposal for a field trip that they might take with their classes when they have graduated and are teachers. Many of these undergraduate students sent drafts of their proposals to practicing teachers who were on the network, requesting feedback. Some of the practicing teachers gave excellent feedback, and in turn, involved the undergraduate students in their own network-based projects.

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