Innovative Elementary Student Teaching Program

We worked with an elementary student teaching program, describing our research goals and soliciting volunteers to work with us. Approximately 50 of the students worked with us from November 1993 through June 1994, and were loaned PowerBook computers to use during their student teaching. There were several workshop sessions organized to train these students, and extensive on-line help was available to them. We collected the messages that the students decided were not private, and are in the process of analyzing them. Questionnaires were administered to all the students at the end of the school year, and a selected set of the students were interviewed face-to-face.

Several of the students became very active in exploring educational applications of networking. The most active students were those whose cooperating (supervising) teachers were also active in networking. Even though these student teachers were in the same room with their cooperating teachers, they found several ways in which networks could allow for the exchange of information (lesson plans, for instance) that could not normally be shared, given the time and space constraints of the classroom.

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