Dynamic Support

The Teaching Teleapprenticeships model uses computer-based networks to create a unifying, supportive infrastructure for teacher education programs. This new approach will enable us to provide "dynamic support" (Riel, Levin, & Miller-Souviney, 1987) for our teacher education students as they progress from student to student teacher to teacher. Additionally, the ability to communicate reliably and efficiently with colleagues by electronic mail and bulletin boards will integrate teacher education into many additional productive network-based interactions: students working together with students at other schools solving real world problems, teachers communicating with other teachers sharing pedagogical insights, teachers and parents interacting over their children's school activities, and universities communicating with schools to accomplish a wide variety of collaborative endeavors.

The anxiety of beginning teachers is increased by the limited support they receive as a result of the cellular organization of schools. Rather than turning to administrators for advice, beginning teachers prefer to use informal exchanges with other teachers, usually other beginning teachers. This informal exchange is precisely what the telecommunications component of the Teaching Teleapprenticeships model facilitates. Beginning teachers in this model will continue to seek advice from local colleagues, but electronic mail and electronic bulletin boards also make it possible for beginning teachers to maintain contact with the members of their pre-service teacher education cohort group. It also allows beginning teachers to initiate and maintain extended communication with teachers from other districts or states that they meet at professional meetings. The telecommunications component of the Teaching Teleapprenticeships model provides an additional medium for teacher interaction, thus expanding communication opportunities among teachers, students, and teacher educators.


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