Advisory Board

Several leading researchers and teacher educators, with world-class expertise in the role of technology in education, participate on the Board of Advisors for the Teaching Teleapprenticeship project management and evaluation. An annual meeting is held with these Advisors to evaluate the current state of progress of the TTa project and to provide guidance for the next phase.

Jan Hawkins
Director of the Center for Children and Technology
Education Development Center

Gene Klotz
Department of Mathematics
Swarthmore College

Scott Lathrop
National Center for Supercomputing Applications

Cecilia Lenk
Tom Snyder Productions

Hugh Mehan
Chairman of the Teacher Education Program
University of California, San Diego

Denis Newman
Senior Scientist
Bolt, Beranek & Newman

Al Rogers
Executive Director of the Global Schoolnet Foundation

Marilyn Sinclair
College of Education
University of Illinois

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