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Please send any feedback to Jim Levin, jalevin@uiuc.edu, 217/244-0537

Some of the analysis tools in this Web Evaluation Workbench depend upon analyses performed by other web servers. The Find backlinks tool depends upon Google; the Owner tool depends upon Network Solutions; the Accessibility tool depends upon Bobby. If these external sites change, that WEW tool may no longer work. If you find that a WEW tool no longer works, please contact Jim Levin who will change the interface so that it works again.

The Analyze this URL tool was developed by Pedro Willging. If you find a country code or highest level domain that has been changed or added, please contact Jim Levin who can update this analysis tool.

One evaluation rubric tool was developed by Steve Rutledge to help his high school students evaluate their own web pages. Another evaluation rubric tool was developed by Norma Scagnoli and Jim Levin, used by the CTER master of education students taking EdPsy 490i. Other rubrics can be added relatively easily - please contact Jim Levin if you have a rubric that you'd like to see added to the Web Evaluation Workbench.

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Last updated: 21 May 2002
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